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How Absolute demonstrates a strong commitment to the principles of circular economy

Waste Management

By returning all waste from jobs to our office and sorting through it, we are taking a proactive step in reducing waste. The sorting process allows for the proper disposal and recycling of plastic and cardboard materials. Additionally, the reuse of equipment and stripping of reusable components before recycling further extends the lifespan of these resources.


Remote Reboot Facility

The installation of remote reboot facilities at new sites is an innovative approach to reducing pollution. By minimising the need for engineer call-outs, we are effectively reducing emissions associated with travel and transportation. This not only saves time and costs but also contributes to a cleaner environment.

Supplier Engagement

Engaging with suppliers on sustainability is crucial for achieving circular economy goals. By encouraging them to adopt sustainable practices, reduce packaging waste, and provide environmentally friendly alternatives, we are fostering a more sustainable supply chain. This collaborative effort ensures that our company's values align with those of our suppliers, creating a more cohesive and responsible approach to business.


Supply Chain Assessment

We continuously assessing our supply chain for opportunities to reduce emissions, improve efficiency, and minimise waste is an essential step in achieving our circular economy. By considering alternative transportation methods, such as using electric vehicles or optimising delivery routes, we are actively reducing our carbon footprint. This demonstrates our commitment to sustainability throughout the entire value chain.

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