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CCTV Tower on construction site

CCTV Towers

Security, anywhere.

Certifcation BS8418 Processing of alarm signals by an alarm receiving centre
Certifcation BS9518 Remote Monitoring of detector-activated CCTV systems
SSAIB Cerficated. UKAS Product Certification 131

Portable, Rapid CCTV Tower Solutions

Mobile camera towers are portable surveillance solutions that provide flexible and elevated monitoring capabilities. They can be quickly deployed, offering a rapid and cost-effective way to enhance security. With their ability to capture a wide area from an elevated position, mobile camera towers enable real-time monitoring, deter potential threats, and ensure proactive surveillance.

Our client Essex County Council
Our client Enterprise Rent a car
Our client Veolia Waste Management
Our Client Alexander Dennis
Our Client Bowker Group

Benefits of Mobile Camera Towers

  • Flexibility and Mobility: Easily move and position towers for temporary surveillance needs.

  • Rapid Deployment: Quick and hassle-free installation for immediate monitoring.

  • Elevated Perspective: Capture a broader area with a superior vantage point.

  • Real-time Monitoring: Access live feeds remotely for prompt response to suspicious activity.

  • Deterrence and Prevention: Visible presence deters intruders and criminal behavior.

  • Cost-Effective Solution: Avoid costly infrastructure with a flexible and affordable option.

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