Video Recordings of incidents are kept for up to 31 days which means than an event can be tracked up to 31 days after receiving the original alarm.  The recordings are available on request and are often used by the police as evidence to convict offenders.


Incident Reports are produced for every significant alarm activation and can be sent to customers.


Any customer is welcome to visit our BS8418 Monitoring Station to gain confidence and understand why remote monitoring is so effective.




The concept of remote monitoring is simple – a system of cameras and alarms are linked to a transmission system that connects to a Monitoring Station via a telephone line (ISDN/GSM/PSTN) or via the Internet through a broadband connection. 

When the detectors or cameras are activated an alarm is sent to the

Monitoring Station showing a picture image.  Our highly trained Operators

will assess the image and provide the appropriate response. 


The Operator has the ability to use built in audio to transmit a warning

to the site and alert Key Holders of the situation.  If the situation

escalates the Operator will contact the Emergency Services

where appropriate.