CCTV systems can be applied to both internal and external enviroments to protect property, staff and visitors against all potential threats including; theft, vandalism and violence.


Although many understand that CCTV systems are simply a deterrent – today’s technology offers much more than simple protection of your employees, customers and assets.


Professional CCTV surveillance is about foreseeing problems and stopping them at the source, picking out trouble causers in a crowd and monitoring an organisation’s key operations. 


ADSL offer expert design, camera selection, installation and maintenance to ensure that when an incident occurs, it is captured on your installed CCTV system and is suitably recorded for further analysis.


In addition to installing and maintaining a system we can monitor it for you. Our BS 8414 compliant Video Monitoring Receiving Centre monitors CCTV alarms 24 hours a day 365 days a year offering you the highest levels of protection through the use of the latest technology.


There is a system to suit nearly any budget so call us today for some helpful advice.


ADSL operate in accordance with BS 8418 (BRITISH STANDARDS) and BS 7858, BS 7958, BS 7959